Yeolume Body Comparison Review

yeolume-floral-dress-500Have you ever wondered how Yeolume's body compares to the other members of the Pullip family?

If so, then you'll want to check out a very informative comparison photo review of Yeolume done by Hinaichigo over at Pullips and Junk.

In her body comparison, Hinaichigo looks at the measurements of Yeolume and how her body compares to Dal, Byul, Isul, Pullip, Taeyang and even Blythe.

Despite Groove Inc, currently having no involvement in the distribution of Yeolume, there are in fact several doll, hobby and retail shops who have partnered with Ars Gratis Artis (AGA) to offer Yeolume for doll collectors.

We've compiled a list of shops and sites for those fans who are eager to embrace this cute as a button doll.

Depending on your location there’s at least 1 shop near you:

Yeolume PODO at PullipDollDreams (ships Worldwide)

Au Pays Des Pullip (ships France) offers Yeolume clothes ONLY (ships Worldwide)

Germany (ships Europe)

Japan (ships Worldwide)
Frickart Dollyshop (ships Japan)
Yumemi-tei (ships Japan) (ships Japan)
Lapiworld (ships Worldwide)

Singapore (ships Worldwide)

South Korea (ships Worldwide)

Additional Retail Stores
Amazon (ships Worldwide)
eBay (ships Worldwide)

Interesting Side Note: if Yeolume's carton numbers are correct, then there is a limited amount of Yeolume for fans to own. (That’s assuming that AGA does not do a re-release and flood the market like some Pullip dolls we know).

This is an interesting side note because as the days and months go by, the number of Yeolume available decreases and she will soon disappear from the market.

Okay, now onto the review. Click here to view Yeolume PODO’s body comparison.

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