13 Pullip Dolls in 13 Days: #6 Charlemagne Dal

Now onto doll #6: Dollte-Porte Charlemagne Dal

Hello my name is Charlemagne Dal,

I'm a little cutie, who's dressed from head-to-toe for a day out on the town.

A little bit of shopping, lunch and tea and is what satisfies me.

However after nearly 2 years of waiting for a day of fun, I think my simple desire has turned into nothing other than a little girl's daydream.

Seeing how I've almost given up on my day of shopping, PullipDollDreams.com has reduced my price so that you and I can enjoy a delightful girl's day out with the extra money you save.

I look forward to getting together and enjoying a day filled with laughs.

Charlemagne Dal


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Continuation Samantha's Thoughts on Business

Hello Samantha here.

I am nearing my thoughts and suggestions about business.

So let us continue with the manufacturer/retailer relationship.

The following are just a few reasons why you shouldn't trust your manufacturer 100% and what you can do to prepare yourself for the day when your manufacturer/retailer relationship ends.

Manufacturer representatives are human and as such, they are susceptible to peer pressure, bullying, threats and the green-eyed monster, greed.

Typically manufacturers will end their relationship with a client because they've decided to sell their product directly to the customer.

For one unfortunate gentleman this was the case. He had a wonderful relationship with his manufacturer for nearly 30 years until 1 day the manufacturer decided to simply end the relationship because they wanted more money & figured the easiest way to do that was to cut the gentleman out. This poor gentleman's business, his dreams, his only source of income ENDED abruptly! (example: Manufacturers Selling Directly to Consumers)

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